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Mixed Media

Gesso, acrylic, ashes, natural pigments and matte varnish on canvas.  


This series is a natural extension of the previous series "Divine Silence".

After exploration, it appears that all true wonder seems to be intimately linked to the sudden disappearance of our famous "I-I"!

A moment of grace. A sublime and sudden dissolution of all forms of identity, if ever there was one.


And that's despite the fact that our beloved mind (or, more precisely, its most faithful servant, the self-egoic!), stung to the core by an existence that is still possible without it, came galloping back to seize this beautiful 'affair' as if it were the author, or at least the beneficiary. 


Nonsense! In truth, it is the spontaneous emergence of a profound, inexpressible joy, through a simple, pure and intimate recognition of Life itself.


And in this sense, Nature never ceases to invite us to this eternal FEAST, leaving us, the guests, perfectly free to believe that we can enjoy it as if it were a vulgar buffet-à-volonté, when in fact, much more subtly, there is a dress code to be worn, warmly recommended, so that this indefectible symbiosis can be revealed once again :


Respect and Emptiness.


Hélène/June 2024


Silence is the highest form of thought, and it is by developing in ourselves this silent attention to the day, 

that we will find our place in the absolute that surrounds us.


Christian Bobin.

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